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#OpLulzDay - Vids, Pics, Lulz - Press Center


This page serves as a press center; collecting material and informing people about operation LulzDay is our main target.

What is #OpLulzDay?

April 1st is typically known as April fools day. Anonymous declares it an Anon Holiday and we will begin with #OpLulzDay. A global paperstorm of information, public relations and Lulz. Be artistic, create posters and flyers, business cards. Dress up as your favoutite game or comic charcaters. Most importantly get the message out that we are not going away we are here for the lulz. Let our brothers and sisters who have been arrested know that we are thinking of them, let the corrupt know we have not forgotten them, let dictators know we have not forgiven them.

Organise a paperstorm in your city, or sit at home and spam these videos. Deface websites with lulzy images, target sites of scientology, government and banks. Relive the 4chan days. Most importantly have fun and enjoy the Lulz!

Where does #OpLulzDay come from?

The idea came from a suggestion to do a paperstorm in London on April Fools Day just because of the day and Anonymous' like for lulz. This then became #OpLulzDay and a global event. We went global due to a feeling that Anons and their supporters needed a boost, the recent arrests and apparent betrayel had placed a bit of a dark cloud, Anonymous felt it needed a days holiday.
To be honest Gabriella Coleman was a part inspiration when she described Anonymous like the prankster god. With these things in mind Anonymous began spamming.

Are you guys affiliated with LulzSec?

When Lulzsec (Fawkes security) decided to revive itself on April 1st, I kinda guessed it might cause issues, but as we all know, there is nothing official about Anonymous and everyone is Anonymous, so that is how it is and how it's going to be in the future.
The rebirth of Lulzsec and the date of #OpLulzDay is a total coincidence and unlike Lulzsec we intend to be here with #OpLulzDay next year and every year after.



Translated pictures:

The gallery is managed by Schism. Got new posters/pictures/flyers? Send him a pm with an attachment or post in the forum.

Events & Links

More information about specific events will be published soon. Help create one here.


Help us out and leave your links, posters, videos, press releases and more here. Comment and spread the lulz!

on Monday 26 March 2012 by Schism
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